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Fiber optic connecting on core network s

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Safa Group Corp delivers exceptional fiber splicing services to customers across Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Virginia, Washington, Ohio, Michigan, and Massachusetts. Our highly trained technicians specialize in the installation, testing, and repair of single fiber optic cabling. With a track record spanning over five years in the fiber optic industry, we have tackled a diverse range of fiber splicing projects to meet the unique needs of numerous clients. We offer expert solutions for both indoor and outdoor rated, as well as multimode and single-mode fiber optic cabling systems, utilizing the most up-to-date testing and splicing equipment.

Technicians are installing optic fiber with cable ties..jpg

Fiber Optic Contractor Service

  • Fiber Optic cable pulling

  • Patch Panel installation

  • Connector installation

  • All weather trailer splicing

  • Ribbon fiber optic splicing

  • OTDR and Loss testing

  • Certification reports

  • AutoCAD Documentation

  • Troubleshooting & repair

  • Cleaning and maintenance


  • Premise

  • Underground

  • Data Center

  • Campus Backbones

  • Industrial Applications

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